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Product Pricing

Due to variations in material costs it is extremely difficult to maintain an exact pricing list.  For current prices or to place and order please contact us.

Precision Ground Test Bars

A precision ground test bar, or spindle runout test bar, is the ideal tool when rebuilding, calibrating, or simply inspecting a machine.  A test bar is a must have when checking for spindle runout, inspecting way wear, or precisely installing a head stock.

Our precision ground test bars are made of hardened tool steel (something more?). Each bar surface is ground as part of a single machining operation producing a concentricity within .0001″. Test bars also feature threaded ends allowing for the convenient use of drawbar rods when installed in a spindle.

Prices starting at $150

Available Tapers:
1 Morse Taper
2 Morse Taper
3 Morse Taper
4 Morse Taper
5 Morse Taper
Monarch 10EE (#12 Jarno) Taper
Special South Bend 3 Morse Taper for 10″ – 16″ Lathes

*If you need a taper that is not listed, please contact us for pricing.

South Bend Replacement Components

Keep your South Bend Lathe running like new!  We carry a line of high quality brand new replacement components for a wide range of South Bend equipment including both cross slide  and compound screws and nuts and tails stock screws. We also produce a line of spindle adapters and spindle stops, listed below.

Compound Screws & Nuts
9″ / 10k – Large or Small Dial
9″ / 10k Light – Large or Small Dial
10L / Heavy – Large or Small Dial

Cross Slide Screws & Nuts
10L / Heavy – Large or Small Dial
10L / Heavy for machines with Trust Bearings
13″ – Large or Small Dial
13″ for machines with Taper Attachment

Tail Stock Screws
10L / Heavy

Spindle Stops

Our brand new adjustable spindle stops for South Bend Lathes locate just behind your chuck allowing you to quickly re-chuck parts with precise placement.   They are an ideal accessory when parts need to be removed between machining operations.  Our stops are precision ground to South Bend’s proprietary #3 Morse Spindle Taper (1  5/8″ major diameter), fitting a wide range of lathes including 10″, 13″, 14.5″,  and 16″ machines.

Spindle Adapters

Precision machined steel spindle adapter bushings allow you to quickly convert your machine to variety of tapers.  Spindle adapters can be produced in a variety of tapers.  If you need a taper that is not listed, please contact us.

South Bend 9″,  10″,  11″,  13″,  14.5″, & 16″ Lathes
3  →  1 Morse Taper
3  →  2 Morse Taper
4  →  1 Morse Taper
4  →  2 Morse Taper
4  →  3 Morse Taper

Large South Bend Spindle Taper on Newer Models 10″ through 16″
Large Taper  →  1 Morse Taper
Large Taper  →  2 Morse Taper
Large Taper  →  3 Morse Taper
Large Taper  →  4 Morse Taper